Epa2kmz is a beta freeware tool. This
program doesn't need to be installed copy it to
a folder and run it.

Epa2kmz.zip contains the executable file
(Epa2kmz.exe) and the EPANET Toolkit Library

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

Epa2kmz (Epanet to Google Earth)
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Google Earth
Remote Sensing

Epa2kmz transforms NET Files  to KMZ format. It allows to visualize Epanet
projects in Google Earth, using the GE imagery as background.

Epa2kmz can transform the Network Map or the Network Map and the
Hydraulic Analysis.

Epa2kmz wizard interface allows the user to navigate the process of
transformation step by step, from the input file to the Google Earth visualization
file. If the output visualization is not what you wanted, just click the back button
and make the changes, no need to repeat to whole process.

Epa2kmz uses the EPANET Toolkit function library (Epanet2.dll) as the analysis
engine. Also it incorporates functions and subroutines from the source code of

* EPANET was created by Lewis Rossman
To learn about Epanet visit the
EPA website
How to use epa2kmz
Net1.kmz - File Example
(kml 2.1 must be supported)