EpaSens: Epanet Sensitivity Analysis
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EpaSens performs sensitivity analysis on an Epanet Network for steady state by changing
the parameter values for pipes or junctions, for a specific object or a global change.

The objective of this tool is to help the user to answer only one question: What if…

What if the demand changes at node X…
What if the diameter changes for this pipe…
What if the demand increases for all the nodes..

EpaSens allows running several analyses for the same network and comparing them side
by side on dimensionless plots. The x-axis is set for the “changing parameter” and the y-
axis for any output variable(s).

Plots can be personalized for better understanding of the data and copy pasted to any
application such as Word. In addition the data values can be exported by using rhe
copy/paste method to Excel.

EpaSens requires a NET file correctly structured and it uses the Epanet2.dll* library as
engine solver.

* Epanet2.dll was created by Lewis Rossman and is part of the public domain EPANET
software. To learn about Epanet visit the
EPA website
EpaSens is a beta freeware tool. This program
doesn't need to be installed, just run it.

EpaSens.zip contains the executable file (Epasens.exe)
and the epanet2.dll library.

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!