epoint2cad (Excel points to AutoCAD)

AutoCAD is a very powerful application for drawing, it contains all the tools
you need. However for some tasks you need to do a lot in order to complete it.
For example if you have a list of coordinates (x,y) or (x,y,z) that you collected
on the field with a total station, a gps or other device and you want to plot
them all within AutoCAD, you have to input point by point. It means x1, y1, x2,
y2 until xn, yn. It will take a lot time if you have hundreds of points.

On the other hand, Microsoft Excel has become a standard for importing
tabular data. It offers several formats and ways to read/import information. It
is quite easy to get your data into an Excel sheet. Would it be nice to be able to
input these x,y data directly in AutoCAD without having to do it one by one?

EPoint2Cad is a software tool that allows you to do it, in addition it is free.  
EPoint2Cad will take these x,y or x,y,z data from Excel and create AutoCAD
point entities. It can either create a DXF file or draw them for you in AutoCAD
through COM communication. All you have to do is select the data (cells) and
click the button “create points”.
epoint2cad is a beta freeware tool.
This program doesn't need to be installed.

EPoint2Cad.zip contains a Microsoft Excel file
(EPoint2Cad.xls). This tool was created using VBA
subroutines, therefore macros must be enabled.

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

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