GE-Census Explorer

GE-Census Explorer is a Windows application that allows you to explore the United States
Census  directly in Google Earth.

No need to worry locating Census data, no need to download files; GE-Census Explorer
streams the Census Data from the Internet to your Google Earth program.

What can GE-Census Explorer do?....

  • Boundaries (states/counties/tracks etc) color coded according to a Census variable
  • 3D boundary shapes,  Bars and Pie charts
  • Statistics, Histograms, Scatterplots
  • Save datasets (KML, KMZ, CSV, and DBF)

GE-Census Explorer was designed to look and feel like a toolbar, this way you have access any
time to all the options without sacrificing your screen space for visualization.

GE-Census Explorer, data and tools right there at your desktop.
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GE-Census Explorer is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn't need to be
installed, just make a folder, unzip it and run it. contains the executable file (GECensus.exe) and an index file (census.zdb)

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

a) This program needs to have access to the Internet to query the census database
b) This program creates temporary files (make sure it is in a folder, not your desktop)
c) You must have Google Earth installed on your computer (Tested on GE Free version
4.0.2091 and last versions)

A web version will be soon online.

This program (with minimum modifications) can be used to explore any other database. If
you are from another country,  you have a Census dataset and you would like to share it,
use the contacts page and let me know it.