Date Updates/New Tools
November 5, 2007KML-Circles: Generate Circles and Rings for GE
October 29, 2007Terrain: Sample lat,lon,elev values to reconstruct a terrain
October 27, 2007KML-RandPoint: Generate random points in a given region
October 24, 2007KML-GRID: Create custom grids for Google Earth
October 23, 2007KML-Area & Length: Calculate area & length to GE objects
October 22, 2007Shp2kml 2.0: Shapefile to Google Earth [update]
October 1, 2007GE-Census: Explore the US Census within Google Earth
September 29, 2007Mapplets: Gadgets for Google Maps
September 13, 2007MSX-GUI: Epanet MSX Graphical User Interface
September 13, 2007EpaMove: Epanet coordinates shifting
September 13, 2007EpaRotate: Epanet network rotation
June 4, 2007Color-It: Color your Map online
May 27, 2007Netzom: Business pages
May 17, 2007EpaSens: Epanet Sensitivity Analysis
May 3, 2007Gpx2epa: Create Epanet projects directly from a GPS
April 29, 2007GPXViewer: Visualize GPX files with Google Maps
April 14, 2007E-Query: Retrive elevations for worlwide locations
April 3, 2007DigiPoint 2: DigiPoint update; KML and GPX export; Elevations
March 28, 2007MapTool: Elevations, Distances, Areas, Perimeter with Google Maps
March 10, 2007Kml2x: Online Kml export (DXF, GPX, CSV, TXT)
March 3, 2007Epa2GIS: Epanet projects to GIS
February 14, 2007Kml2shp: Google Earth to Shapefile
January 5, 2007DigiPoint: Points extraction from Google Maps
December 23, 2006Cotrans: Online coordinates conversion
December 18, 2006Zucons: Online units conversion
December 12, 2006DigiPoint: Points export (DXF, KML, CSV, GPX, TXT, SHP) from Google Maps
December 10, 2006Net2Epa: Create Epanet projects using Google Maps
November 23, 2006Kml2CAD: Google Earth to DXF-AutoCAD format
November 23, 2006Kml2Text: Google Earth to TextFiles
November 22, 2006Shape2Text: ESRI shapefile to TextFiles (CSV, TXT, TAB)
November 20, 2006Ucons: Units conversion Tool
November 19, 2006Shp2kml: GIS Layers to Google Earth
November 14, 2006Shp2CAD: ESRI shapefiles to AutoCAD
October 30, 2006Epa2kmz: Epanet to Google Earth
October 30, 2006Excel2epa: Excel to Epanet (Network map)
October 13, 2006zGE-Toolbox: Beta Toolbox for Google Earth
October 5, 2006GES:Library of Symbols for Google Earth
September 30, 2006GE-Symbols: Google Earth symbols code
September 26, 2006GE-Extent: Google Earth coordinates view extent
September 26, 2006GE-UTM: Google Earth coordinates on UTM system
September 18, 2006Ectrans: Excel coordinates conversion
September 13, 2006LNP3: Log-normal probability plotting positions
August 27, 2006CAD2Excel: AutoCAD to Excel
August 19, 2006EPoint2GE: Excel Points to Google Earth
August 13, 2006PChartz: Psychrometric chart
August 13, 2006EPoint2CAD: Excel Points to AUtoCAD
July 7, 2006Shp2epa: Shapefiles to Epanet