shp2epa utility conversion

shp2epa extracts geometric data contained in ESRI-shapefiles to create the
inp network file for Epanet.

The inp file could contain junctions or junctions and pipes. Junctions can be
generated from either point shapefiles or line shapefiles. If the option
junctions and pipes is selected then a line shapefile is required. Any vertex of
the line (polyline) can be interpreted as a junction or only the end points.

shp2epa is very easy to use, a wizard interface allows to navigate the
process step by step. It was designed with an interface similar to dxf2epa  for
a familiar feeling for the user.

* dxf2epa was created by Lewis Rossman
back in May 2001.

shp2epa is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn't need to be
installed, just run it. contains the executable file (shp2epa.exe).
The steps to use it are very simple; if you have any problem just send me
an e-mail.

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

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