Ucons - Units Conversion Tool

Uconz is a unit’s conversion tool. There are so many programs and/or applets over the
internet for converting units but none of them had what I wanted, so I decide to develop
my own tool.

Uconz contains two different programs. A simple, easy to use interface “The mini-mode”  
and a more elaborated interface “The normal mode”.  Both of them are useful depending
on what you want.

The “Mini-mode” is a very small toolbar that lies on top of any application. It does not
cover areas of the desktop, therefore it easily accessed when working in other

The “Normal-mode” is a sizable window that will allow seeing several conversions at the
same time. Convert from one unit to many, from many to one, and from many to many.

Both modes have access to the same units and functions.

Uconz allows seeing the formula for the conversion, copying it to a history window or
clipboard, creating a log window for several conversions, etc.

The user can add more units or modify the existing ones. Also create more categories,
activate or deactivate them.
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Ucons in "mini-mode"
Ucons in "normal-mode" one to one unit conversion
Ucons in "normal-mode" one to many units conversion
Ucons in "normal-mode" many to one units conversion
Ucons in "normal-mode" many to many units conversion
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Ucons is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn't need to
be installed, just unzip it and run it.

Ucons.zip contains the executable files (Ucons.exe and
Ucons-m.exe) and the units conversion coefficients (13 BDA files).
Make sure all the files are located on the same folder.

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!