zGE-Toolbox: a Beta Toolbox for Google Earth

zGE-Toolbox is a beta application using the beta COM API of Google Earth.

zGE-Toolbox allows:

* Digitize XYZ points on Google Earth Screen
* Digitize manually or on stream mode
* Create points using relative coordinates from other points
* Create circles, multiple rings, paths and polygons from the digitized points
* Create Cross sections of the terrain
* Export the data as TextFile, CSV, AutoCAD DXF, Surfer BLN, Esri SHP, and
Epanet INP.
* Supports COPY/PASTE
* Set Azimuth, Altitude Eye and Tilt a specific value
zGE-Toolbox is a beta freeware tool. This
program doesn't need to be installed, just run it.

zGEToolbox.zip contains the executable file

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

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NOTE: This tool is working correctly with Google Earth Free
(Version 4.0.2019 beta released on Sep 12 2006)

It is not working with 4.0.2416 released on November 1st 2006