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Gpx2epa allows creating Epanet* maps directly from data collected with a GPS unit. Out there,
there are several brands of GPS and everyone uses a different format. However thanks to the
GPX format, sharing GPS data is not longer a problem.

Gpx2epa is an online tool that accepts gpx files for input and creates INP files for Epanet. The
information is previewed using Google Maps.

Gpx2epa could recognize from Junction, Tank and Reservoir if the node name contains the
word junc, tank or resv respectively, otherwise every point is transformed as Junction. If the
GPS data contain elevations, they will also be exported.

Now you have another way to create Epanet network maps:
1) Collect data with your favorite GPS
2) Use gpx2epa
3) Your INP file is ready.

* Epanet was created by Lewis Rossman and is part of the public domain EPANET software.
To learn about Epanet visit the
EPA website
gpx2epa is an online beta freeware tool.

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!